Amma Ka Dabba

Vita Feast

The rain was pouring down heavily. Amma brewed a hot cup of masala chai in the kitchen. She peeped out through the window. “Oh! What a cloudy morning.” She saw the vendors drenched and yet standing with the last lot of their unsold vegetables. “Oh, Lord! Please have some pity! Look at them. How desperate he must be to sell and go back home. These clouds today are floating lazily in the breeze and it’s a Sunday for them. Sunday and a fun day! Of course, without any destination, they are floating in the sky making the sky, gloomy and dark black.”Ama took her masala chai and sat on the couch near the window gazing outside. It was a fresh windy and crispy air whistling and inducing laziness in her.

Ring … ring ..

Amma jumped up and picked her phone.

“Are you okay?” Saira was on the other end…

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Author: Rkswamy


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